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Regulation Size Billiard Tables: What is Regulation?

Regulation Size Billiard Tables: What is Regulation?


What is Regulation?

We often get the question, what is a Regulation size billiard table? Simply put, "Regulation" refers to the geometry of the playfield (cushion nose to cushion nose) being exactly twice as long as it is wide.

The length of a regulation standard 8-foot pool table should be 88" long and 44" wide. A 9-foot regulation table playfield measures 100" long by 50" wide.

Any size table can be considered "regulation" if the table length and width ratio is consistent with these measurements.



Common Pool Table Sizes

7-foot pool table has a 39" x 78" playfield. It is commonly called a "bar size pool table" because it is the table size most commonly found in pubs and bars. These tables are often coin-operated.

Standard 8-foot pool tables have a 44" x 88" playfield. It is the most common size sold in the U.S. for home use.

A 9-foot tournament pool table has a 50" x 100" playfield. This "full-size" table is the one that the game of Billiards was invented on. To this day, tt is still used in professional tournaments.

This blog was provided by the minds of Game Rooms Direct's resident game room experts - Harry & Lloyd.

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