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How to Clean Your Pool Table

Let's face it, your pool table is going to get dirty. There's dust, pet hair, chalk, spills and who knows what else. Here are some pool table cloth cleaning tips from our experts.

What You Should Never Do 

Never, ever, ever use a vacuum to clean your pool table cloth. This has the potential to stretch the cloth which dramatically decreases its durability, not to mention affect the play of the table. 

So, What Should I Do?

Start by using the special pool table brush to sweep the rails and cushions onto the table as well as any debris from the edges and around the pockets. Use the brush to everything to the center of the table. Always use a straight motion, not circles. That motions should be going with the weave of the cloth so it does not shift. Once the rails, edges and pockets are clean you can move onto sweeping the rest of the table. Begin in the middle and work towards each end. Remember to keep straight motions, no side to side or circular.

At each end of the table, lightly sweep the debris on to a piece of thin cardboard or dust pan. Make sure your dust pan doesn't have hard plastic edges or metal along the bottom that can accidentally snag or tear the cloth. The ones with a soft, pliable rubber edge work great.

Some people use a vacuum attachment to clean the inside of the pockets. We recommend using a clean, damp towel to wipe them out. Don't even bring the vacuum out and you won't be tempted to use it on the cloth.

If there is a spill on the table, it's best to clean it immediately with a dry, white, cotton absorbent cloth. If the spill is not recent, use a damp (warm water only), absorbent cotton cloth. Do not use any soap as it has the potential to leave a mark and some residue. Place the cloth over the area and let it do the work. Don't over-saturate the cloth and don't rub as this will stretch the cloth and weaken that area. Pat over the area until the spot is removed.

For further information there are many good videos out there – we like this one from Legacy Billiards.